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Sunset Tango from Ben Merlotti. Two students of our Instructor Vassily Lyashenko dancing
“Argentine Tango in the Sunset” on vacation in Michigan!


KA Dance and Cacao (Open Circle) by EriKaLaila 

Time/Dates: 9AM – 1PM, First Saturday of the Month (please check the Class Calendar)

Location: Dancing in the Desert

Take a right off of Rt 554 onto La Luz Trail

ABIQUIU, New Mexico

KA Dance and Cacao Circle is open to all who wish to encourage deepening with their FourBody System.

Authentic Movement meets our Higher Self  as we push perceptions, intentions and expectations of ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Such with Shamanism and Sufi movement tradition, the longer we dance – the deeper we delve into ourselves. Involutions trigger as Universe communication runs to/through us as movement.

We utilize our elemental/cellular communication to express/witness/align/listen/learn/fuel/navigate/:|:\expand/embody/awaken our intentions/goals/mission.

Sacred Water is combined with a ceremonial-grade Theobroma Family of Cacao and intentional, vibratory stacking of universal sound/light/form to create an offering that invites HighHeart Intelligence which assists in welcoming and anchoring the frequencies of Self-Love, Acceptance, Allowing, Flow, Activation, Embodiment, and Gratitude.

What to Bring With You:

– Wear comfortable light-colored clothing that makes you feel good and is easy to move and relax in.

– Journal and favorite pen

– Water bottle

– Small natural offering for the altar optional

“The next level of HeartMindBodySoul evolution is calling for us to step into a new level of exploration and freedom.”

SoulSelf METAtation of KA Dance evokes and aligns our desired frequencies.



Smudge Mapping/Clearing/Alignment

Water Blessing

Dance our Being

Cacao Ritual

Activated Intention Integration

Sound Meditation with Energy Transference

Guided Movement Journey

Rest and Receive

Close Circle/Integration

$22 Drop-In // $111 for 11

Venmo @Erika-Brown-16


Wise: contact for info

|: Advanced sign up is appreciated and recommended to ensure proper Space gridding and quantity of cacao is prepared. :|





NIA has moved to Sundays, 9:30 am to 11:00 am

Come experience the Joy of Movement in a way that brings pleasure and ease to your body in your body’s way. Nia is a wonderful movement practice that draws from dance, martial arts, and healing arts. It’s a workout for body, mind and soul that uses multi-directional movements and easy choreography combined with soul-stirring music.

Nia’s diversity of movements engages your entire being without feeling like a work-out. It has been defined as, “joy-based fitness for people who dislike working out”.

The movements are designed for all levels of fitness so you can get exceptional benefits wherever your “now” body is at, whether you are super fit, barely fitting movement into your life, or healing from an injury. Learn to listen to your body’s natural wisdom who always lets you know what feels right and what doesn’t.

Classes are 75 minutes long. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move fully in. Practice is in bare feet. No prior knowledge or experience necessary; just curiosity to find JOY in movement.

For more information contact:



 YOGA (Mixed level) (Thursdays, 9:00-10:30am)

This class is designed for practitioners of varying degrees of experience. All are welcome! A 60-minute āsana practice will be followed by a 10-minute meditation.


Hi, I’m Sue Dwyer, philosopher, yogini, writer, and aspiring barrel racer. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach at Dancing in the Desert and to share the wonders of yoga with all people. If you’re a complete newbie, if you have a regular home practice, it doesn’t matter — everyone is welcome. Yoga is many things — a gentle form of exercise, a way to get and stay limber, a great stress reliever — and it is also one of the world’s most ancient practical philosophies aimed at answering our deepest questions about human life and existence. As a teacher, I aim to bring the philosophy of yoga to life on the mat. Please email me with any questions you might have about my classes at




Northern New Mexico is home to some world-class Argentine tango communities in Taos and Santa Fe, and Abiquiu is perfectly situated in between them. This is your chance to get to know this beautiful, creative social dance in a welcoming environment. Zach Hively has been dancing tango since 2016, has taken teacher training and adaptive tango training, and he believes the dance is accessible to everyone.

This friendly 4-week series introduces you to tango dance and music. You don’t need any prior dance experience — you don’t even need to come with a partner! Just bring comfortable socks (or leather-soled dance shoes), your proof of Covid vaccination, and $40 per person for the series. Masks are optional and welcome. We will be in close proximity to one another, so it’s important we respect each other and keep ourselves safe in all ways.

You can find more information at, where you can also contact Zach with any questions.


Yoga is a study of body, mind and spirit, where you learn about the nature of your true self. Though often thought of as only a physical practice, its true purpose is to help one achieve divine unity and self- realization. Staying true to Yoga’s original intent, Joy’s class is rooted in classical Hatha Yoga teach, and are designed to nourish and vitalize the spirit by balancing the mind-body relationship.

Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Class Description:

This class is an invitation to explore, become present, and deeply connect to yourself. In a gentle accessible way, Joy guides students to strengthen their capacity to experience the deeper more subtle aspects of the practice. She blends principles from Ayurveda, Yogas’ sister science of health and integrated healing, to harmonize and attune the class to nature’s seasons and elemental qualities, bringing more support and balance to the practice. Physically this class varies from gentle to moderate in intensity and is suitable for anyone. Joy aims for everyone to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and restored. Beginning students to more practiced yogis’ will feel inspired!

YOGA Basics for beginners (and those wanting to return to their mats)

Learn the basics of yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques. Gently build your skills and learn how to modify postures for your own specific needs. You will experience working with body mind awareness and the joy of just being present to yourself. You will come away with the knowledge to start a personal home practice and/or comfortably join a studio class. (Mats and all props provided)

Please mail Joy at to sign up for zoom classes or for more information. Or call 505-747-0002. Joy now has a website:

For more about Joy click on link.


Dancemeditation ™ with Anastacia CLASSES HAVE NOT RESTARTED

Dancemeditation™, a beautiful way to connect more deeply with yourself, come into a state of presence, and have an opportunity for creative self-expression. Classes typically include gentle stretches coordinated with the breath, rocking, slow movement, intuitive dance exploration,
joyful flow – allowing the body-mind to deeply relax and heal. Dancemeditation ™ integrates Breath, Body and Spirit by combining Sufi meditation methods, somatic / sensory cueing, dance improvisation, a rich movement vocabulary – plus – fantastic music!

Dance background not required. All bodies welcome.

For more information on Anastacia visit.

For questions and to pre-register, please contact Anastacia at: anastaciaconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com; 510-501-4489; 505-685-0055