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One, Two Cha Cha Cha!

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Latin dance class cha cha


What exactly will be taught in the classes and do we have to take all four classes?

It is a good idea to take all four classes because we will build up each week; however, it is not necessary to take all four classes – we realize that it is not always possible to attend a class four weeks in a row. There will always be a short review before the next class. In Class #1 we will discuss Latin dances and styles in general, will subsequently focus on Cuban motion, which we will then apply to the basic cha cha cha steps, the dance selected for all four classes. Classes #2-4 will review, polish and add more steps. The fourth class will be followed by a party.

Do we need to bring a partner?

No. We like to rotate dancers. However, if you do bring a partner and do not feel comfortable to rotate, you don’t have to rotate. Note however, that it is very productive to rotate partners.

Can people come who do not want to dance?

I hear all the time that a husband, wife, partner, friend has two left feet, has no rhythm… In our opinion this does not exist. Anybody can dance if he/she has the heart to do so. However, one may just watch and/or sit on the patio with a drink.

Can we stay on after the class and practice?

Absolutely. In fact you can hang out after class and socialize with friends. There is also open dancing, any dance.

Will there be beverages and food?

Yes, there will be beverages and munchies. The Studio, however, does not have a liquor license, and therefore cannot sell drinks, but that does not stop you from bringing your favorite drink. Donations towards food are appreciated.

Can I still come and dance even though I have a bad/new hip, knee, or other injuries or disabilities?

By all means you can come, in fact, you should come. Dancing has been shown to be beneficial to physical and mental health. We will never ask you to do anything that would harm or hurt you. You do what you can.

Do I have to preregister?

While preregistration is preferred, it is not necessary. However, the fee will be higher for drop-ins. It would be nice if you will call or email (685-0035); (info@dancinginthedesert.net).

What kind of shoes should we wear?

Dance shoes are of course best. However, any shoe with leather soles will be fine. Rubber soles are not good (sticky). Also, worn sneakers will be fine. Street shoes are not good because they could bring in dirt and pebbles.  Remember, we have the best sprung dance floor west of the Mississippi! Socks are an alternative, but you can slip easily. Naked feet are not good because; doing turns may hurt/burn your sole.

What is the fee:

$40/person or $70/couple for the four week session; $45/person or $75/couple for drop-ins.