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Sunset Tango from Ben Merlotti. Two students of our Instructor Vassily Lyashenko dancing
“Argentine Tango in the Sunset” on vacation in Michigan!

One-hour small group dance classes are offered once a week in 4 week sessions taught by Ici.

Level – beginners and intermediates.
No partners necessary; no age limitation.

Small group classes will focus on one of the following dances:

    •  Waltz
    • Foxtrot
    • Various types of Swing – including Lindy Hop and Nightclub 2 Step
    • Merengue
    • Salsa
    • Cha-cha
    • American Tango
    • Argentine tango

Private classes and other dances are offered, please inquire here.

Occasionally there will be dance parties (check under Events for specific dates and times)
Parties usually last 2 ½ hours.
There may be a short dance lesson and or brief student show dances, followed by general dancing.

Twice a year there will be Dance Workshops taught by renowned Belarus Dance Champion Vassily Lyashenko.

NEW – Soulfire Yoga with Joy – a Blissful Heart Yoga Class!

Saturdays 9 – 10:30 am   STARTING SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Joy Nagle is very excited to be offering this new class to the community. She believes everyone can benefit from the practice of Yoga, and her class is suitable for all students, from those just starting out to the more practiced. Joys teachings are rooted in traditional Hatha teachings and will include meditation, pranayama (Yogic breathing), posture fundamentals with modifications and safe body alignment. The class will be meditative in quality allowing students to deeply connect to their bodies through movement and breath. Strengthening yet gentle, the practice will allow students to unwind body tension, release stress, and open to the blissful vibrancy of being fully present to yourself.

Please email Joy Nagle at to preregister for class or call 505-747-0002.

 Yoga classes are offered by Kat.  Svastha Yoga focuses on the elements of body, mind and breath, learning the importance of each, and their interdependence. Yoga is so well suited to helping us strengthen our body, helping our mind to contribute to that strengthening, and using our breath to bring it all together.

All Classes include guided group instruction. Tuesdays are medium intensity, with an emphasis on strengthening and increasing flexibility of our backs. Fridays are gentle, with emphasis on promoting flexibility, mobility and some strengthening, by modifying yoga poses so there is less stress on key joints such as knees and wrists.
Class times  (check calendar for occasional cancellations):

  • Tuesdays  10:00 to 11:30 A.M.
  • Fridays      10:00 to 11:30 A.M. “Gentle Yoga”

Email Kat for information and directions (

Five Week Summer Yoga Series.   Sue Dwyer  has offered a 90 minute asana practice session in the past. For more information and date of next session, email Sue (

Shen Tao Chi Gung classes are offered every Friday from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Classes are taught by Sara Stenson.

Shen Tao T’ai Chi Ch’uan is offering beginning, advanced, and sensing hands classes. Beginning classes are held every Tuesday morning from 8-9 am. Advanced and sensing hands classes are by arrangement. Classes are taught by Cheng man ch’ing third generation student Michael Stenson.

Feldenkrais Workshop with Steve Duke – For date of next session and more details see Special Events and Steve Duke.

Feldenkrais Workshops “Awareness Through Movement Classes® and Functional Integration Sessions” with Rúbia. Please consult calendar occasionally for next Workshop.